Tips for Potty Training

At Eagle Nursery staff work in partnership with parents/carers to meet individual children’s needs.

Potty training is a big transition in the early years of every child’s life and this can be very challenging.

Below are steps that we take here at Eagle Nursery along with parents/carers commitment , to support children to take on this responsibility:

  • We put children in pull up’s and go with them to the potty, we remind them to go every 30 to 45 minutes
  • This first step of potty training can take up to 2 weeks to a month, even longer sometimes, depending on the individual child
  • We continue with this process until the child’s pull up’s stay dry throughout the day
  • Once the pull up’s stay dry, we will ask parents/carers to bring in pants and a change of clothes.
  • The child will still be reminded to go to the potty throughout the day until they are fully confident enough to go on their own when they need to.

This only really works well when staff and parents work together as this process also needs to happen at home also.

Do not worry if your child is not fully potty trained when you expect them to be, some children take longer than others, but with persistence it will happen eventually!