Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. How is performance of the nursery monitored?

Parent and carer’s feedback will be collected in formal surveys and in informal conversations as they pick up their children. Management will ensure information gathered is used to improve the services.

2. Are we registered for tax free childcare?

Yes, we are registered with tax free childcare, vouchers, and free funding for children ages 2, 3, & 4.

3. What age do we take children from?

We accept children between the ages of 0-8.

4. What policies are in place to ensure the smooth running of the nursery?

There are a number of working documents and policies covering the day to day running of the nursery to which all staff must comply. Eagle Nursery is operated within the EYFS and Ofsted guidelines.

Policies include:

Settling in Policy
In order to achieve a successful transition for both the child and the parent, the parent will be encouraged to spend the first hour on the first day in the nursery to observe the child and speak to the key worker on the likes and dislikes of the child and any trends that they should look out for e.g. some children are clingy or irritable when they are sleepy.

We also provide home visits for children under 2 years old to introduce ourselves to the children and ‘break the ice’ so to speak.

Equality of Opportunity
Eagle Nursery is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all its children and staff.We believe this to be fundamental to our high standard of child care. Our children will have equal access to all nursery facilities and areas of the curriculum irrespective of abilities, social class, gender, race or creed.

Activities and equipment at the nursery will reflect the cultures represented by the children eg cultural festivals, cooking, countries of the world, black history. They will link with the Early Years Curriculum of the nursery.

What we do and don’t do:

What we do:
– We take older children, up to 8 years old as temporary placements during school holidays. A lot of the time, these are former children of Eagle Nursery or older siblings of current children.
– Wrap around – We can drop off and/or collect older children to/from schools local to our nurseries.
– When your child is ready to move on to school, we can arrange a transition meeting with the school
What we do not do:
– We do not pick up or drop off children from/to their home
– Our staff do not babysit for our Parents
– If a Bank Holiday falls on your child’s normal nursery day, we do not swap this for another day.