Coronation of King Charles III

Coronation of King Charles III

Eagle Nursery would like to congratulate King Charles the III on the successful celebration on 6th may 2023. 

Our staff and children were able to participate 

By decorating crowns with gemstones, cotton balls, and sparkling glitter in honour of King Charles’ crowning.

We also enjoyed talking about the importance of King Charles’ position and his responsibilities as a king.

We sang the national anthem.

Drew the Union Jack (UK) flag

Watched the documentary of the queen’s coronation. This is so the children have some idea of what the king’s coronation will look like.

Roundway Lunch Menu:  

Roasted Potatoes 

Roasted chicken



Pulao rice


Green Lanes Lunch Menu:

Yorkshire pudding

Brussels sprouts


Pulao rice

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Tips for Potty Training

Tips for Potty Training

At Eagle Nursery staff work in partnership with parents/carers to meet individual children’s needs.

Potty training is a big transition in the early years of every child’s life and this can be very challenging.

Below are steps that we take here at Eagle Nursery along with parents/carers commitment , to support children to take on this responsibility:

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