Management Team

A team of managers and office support staff oversees all background tasks at Eagle Nursery. There is a range of tasks for the Nursery managers and office team, including staff training, DBS checks, organising school outings,  dealing with marketing, publicity parents and carers, and collaborating with outside agencies.

Eagle Director - Bisi

Bisi has always been passionate about children and has a great passion for helping them live life to the fullest; she has instilled these principles in the running of the nursery.

Bisi was involved in the daily operations of all the nurseries from the very beginning, opening her first branch in 2009 and expanding her business since then.

She continues to perform in a very hands-on manner, and is happy to join in the daily activities of all the nursery sites.

Office/Management Team


Green Lanes Nursery Manager


Roundway Deputy Nursery Manager


Green Lanes Deputy Nursery Manager



Business Administrator