About Us

Eagle Nursery opened it’s first site, in January 2008, within the vibrant surroundings of Haringey, North London. Eagle Nursery is built on the biblical principles of faith, selflessness and optimism, letting kids be kids and giving each child the space to discover themselves.

We now have 2 Eagle Nursery branches in North London. Eagle Nursery Roundway (our head office) located in Tottenham and Eagle Nursery Green Lanes (our first site)  located within Harringay United Church in Green Lanes.

Eagle Nursery offers a safe and secure venue, overseen by positive and inviting staff. Working with Ofsted’s guidelines in child development, our nursery is full of both fun and educational toys, equipment and books all geared towards the kids exploring their own creativity, learning and having fun.

Our nursery and child care services are aimed at enhancing traditional day care methodologies by integrating extracurricular interests (such as arts and crafts, dance, music and gymnastics) into one comprehensive program. Our activity based nursery curriculum is specifically tailored for children and mirrors pre-school activities and vocational schools.

We offer fully competitive prices and accept various childcare vouchers. We are NEG (Nursery Education Grant) registered, 2 year old programme approved and part of the government scheme offering free early education for 2, 3 & 4 year olds.

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