30 Hours Free Update

Date: July 2018

Haringey Council have advised that any parent/carer experiencing difficul es applying for or renewing the 30 hours, should call HMRC on 0300 123 4097 as they are the only people that can resolve any issues.

Please also be reminded that you need to re-apply for the 30 free hours approximately every 3 months, it is best to do this 2 weeks before each term ends, this allows time for processing. If you would like a copy of the term dates, please let Trish know.

At the time that you receive your 11-digit code, you will also be advised as to the start and end date of your eligibility. Once you receive/renew your code, you must send it to Trish on trish@eaglenurseries.co.uk so that she can validate the code in time, before the term ends. This ensures that there is no break in the funding.

If there is a break in the funding and it is due to the parent/carer not renewing by their deadline, HMRC will not pay for that period of time, so the fees will then become the parent/carers responsibility to pay. So please ensure that you renew before the deadline you are given.

Trish Kelly

Office Manager